1. Candidates are allowed to submit a maximum of three (3) art works per session.
  2. Candidates are advised to be creative in their approach.
  3. All works must be the original thoughts and ideas of the individual.
  4. Candidates can submit their work in any of the art forms whether it is a collage, 2D, 3D, sketch, mixed media etc. 
  5. Candidates can use a variety of mediums of their own choice for their work. 
  6. All work must be neatly and clearly labelled.  Name and Surname, Grade, Age and School. 


CONSERVATION is the ethical use and protection of valuable resources, such as trees, minerals, wildlife, water and others.  It focuses on maintaining the natural world in order to protect the sources of resources.  Conservation may refer to many, many sub-components but for the purpose of this category we will focus creatively on the following types of conservation:


Candidates may submit a maximum of THREE (3) art works in each of the following sessions:

Session X1.1                       Energy conservation:  management of energy resources

Session X1.2                       Habitat conservation:  land management practices to protect, manage, and restore habitat

Session X1.3                       Marine conservation:  protection and management of ocean and sea ecosystems

Session X1.4                       Soil conservation:  management of soils to prevent erosion

Session X1.5                       Water conservation:  management of fresh water as a sustainable resource

Session X1.6                       Wildlife conservation:  protection of endangered species and their habitat