Sundays River Primary School is honoured and extremely proud to present in 2017 the SUNDAYS RIVER VALLEY PROVINCIAL ARTS AND CULTURE FESTIVAL hosted by SUNDAYS RIVER VALLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL in the Eastern Cape.

The past five (5) years we nurtured this Arts Festival, overcome obstacles and polished the festival to utmost perfection.   We are now in the position to expand this successful educational festival to Provincial level.   For this achievement, we are extremely proud and we THANK YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER for this.  The 2016 festival was a roaring success and was also the last time that we presented this festival at local and district level.  We have reached the position and gained the necessary and vital expertise where we can introduce this unique educational festival to the rest of the Eastern Cape.

What is different in this 2017 syllabus?  A whole list of things has changed.   First and foremost, this is a brand new syllabus with most of the categories expanded to ultimate limits. This is done to accommodate pre-schools, primary schools, high schools and adults.    This said, it is clear that the Arts and Culture Festival brings along some competition within certain categories.  This implies that candidates will focus and master various techniques to utmost perfection in their preparation process.

A massive and new pool of specialist adjudicators are hired for 2017 to aid with the continuous flow of the festival and to uphold our high standards.  More venues are added ON THE PREMISES in order to accommodate more sessions per day which will also assist in the general flow of the physical daily adjudication process.  Sessions will begin 09:00 sharp every morning until 17:00 in the afternoon with lunch between 13:00 and 14:00.  The festival is extended to two (2) weeks in order to avoid congestion and to accommodate all the new categories and sessions.  There will be a good variety of food and other stalls on the premises for the duration of the Arts Festival.  Specialist workshops are scheduled during the morning and afternoon.  This will be released as soon as we have received all the entries in order to ensure that maximum participants can attend and learn from these workshops.  The process also assists us to prevent schools or individuals travelling far distances regularly during the festival.   Tea times for adjudicators are optional.  Afternoon and Evening concerts (indoors as well as outdoors) will be scheduled and released as soon as we have final confirmation and arrangements in place.

SYLLABUS & FESTIVAL LANGUAGE:  After thorough consideration, I have decided not to translate the syllabus in Afrikaans.  There are several reasons for this.  One of the biggest reasons is the lack of time.  I simply do not have the time to undertake such a big task. I have included a newly designed AFRIKAANS and XHOSA session into the Speech and Drama Category.  All categories are available in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa.  Schools, teachers, participants should indicate on the electronic entry form their choice of language.  This is imperative.  See the section on ENTRY FORMS for more detail.

This is a very short summary of the 2017 Provincial Arts & Culture Festival.  Take some time and browse our website.  Everything you need to know is covered within.   

Enjoy the experience!

(Mr) Cornelius Korkie

Festival Organiser