This art consists of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs.  The use of oils, watercolours, tempera, acrylics, inks, pencils and can also include graphic/mixed media and paint processes.

QUE:  Height and Width

  • Closing date for all entries in this Category is on Monday 19th June 2017.
  • The work must be mounted.
  • These works are attached to the exhibition surfaces by staple gun, pins, and other resources.
  • Ensure that all mounting suits this method of display.  Presentation of art work is crucial as we will invite outstanding candidates to the Gala concert in the form of a cheese and wine function where we will display these art works. 
  • The class into which the work is being entered must be indicated on the front of the mounting.  The name of the candidate, grade, age, school, and address must be clearly displayed on the back of the work.
  • A maximum of three (5) works per candidate may be submitted.  A separate entry form accompanied by the appropriate fee must accompany each entry.
  • All entries must be the ORIGINAL work of the candidate AND NOT THAT OF THE TEACHER!
  • The Festival does not pin-down fixed rules for themes etc. We feel that we would like to see creativity without boundaries. Creativity will be of utmost importance in the higher grades.
  • Adjudicators will judge artworks according to grade, age and skill.   Teachers should be careful that a Grade 6 candidate does not submit a work that appears to be the  work of a Grade 2 candidate and the work of a Grade 1 candidate does not look like the work of a Grade 7 learner.  Adjudicators complain (not only at our festival, but many festivals in the Eastern Cape) about this all the time.
  • Art Teachers should finally realise that Grade 1 and 2 learners cannot possess the advanced fine motor skills (which is obvious in painting and drawing) that a Grade 6 and higher learner possess.  It is furthermore impossible for a Grade 1, 2 and 3 learner to show elements of art in such meticulous detail (at that age) as can be seen in some of the artworks.  I am employing a panel of judges for this category in 2016 and should a judge query such an artwork, the teacher will be penalised for this.  Learners will automatically receive a very low mark.  The adjudicators will write extensive comments for the responsible teacher in this regard.  There is a reason why festivals ask for the Grade & age of the learner. I have discussed this matter with many professional and highly trained art teachers and other individuals in Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown etc.  and they all agree with this.


Beans and Seeds are allowed.  When learning about farm animals, use mustard seed to colour a horse’s body and yellow corn kernels for its mane and tail.  In a landscape scene, use fennel seeds to colour the grass en treetops. Feel free to use whatever you find appropriate.

Q1.1        Grade 1                                                                   Q1.7        Grade 7

Q1.2        Grade 2                                                                   Q1.8        Grade 8

Q1.3        Grade 3                                                                   Q1.9        Grade 9

Q1.4        Grade 4                                                                   Q1.10      Grade 10

Q1.5        Grade 5                                                                   Q1.11      Grade 11

Q1.6        Grade 6                                                                   Q1.12      Grade 12

Q1.13      Adults

Entry Arts and Craft