This category is designed for the very young at heart that have positive energy, stamina, determination, fitness and personality to make a real success of this session.  Interpretation and improvisation plays a huge part here. Also known as 20th century concert dance.   Modern dancers reject the limitations of classical ballet and favour movements derived from the expression of their inner feelings.  Modern dancers express their innermost emotions through dance, often becoming closer to their inner selves.  Before attempting to choreograph a routine, the modern dancer decides which emotions to convey to the audience.

  • Appropriate music should be selected for the dance idea or arrangement
  • Costumes should suit the dance idea or style
  • Focus attention on dance movement and dance composition
  • Accompaniment – Own choice.  Electronic music should be saved on CD/DVD/MEMORY STICK in a  

               recognizable computer format like mp3 and handed to the sound engineer before the session begins.

  • A maximum of two (2) dances may be performed. 
  • Teachers and candidates should pay careful attention to TIME.  Candidates that ignore the maximum

               time limits shall be penalized.

J1.1                                                                                                                         J1.2

SOLO                                                                                                                      DUETS

Maximum time limit:  5 minutes                                                                              Maximum time limit:  5 minutes

J1.3                                                                                                                         J1.4  Open session (adults etc)

GROUPS (4 dancers or more but not exceeding12)

Maximum time limit:  8 minutes