• All entries must be the original work of the candidate.  We have seen some excellent work in 2017.
  • A maximum of ten (20) entries per candidate are allowed and each entry must have a separate entry form accompanied by the appropriate fee.
  • Prints should be mounted and should NOT BE smaller than 20 x 25cm or larger than 40 x 50cm.
  • Prints should be clearly labelled on the back with the name and surname of the candidate, title of the photo, age of candidate, grade and name of the school.
  • All work not complying with the above specifications will not be entered for adjudication.
  • There are many types of photography:  underwater, astrophotography, landscape photography, photography through a telescope, panoramic, creative, colour, nature etc.   Candidates are free of choice.   
  • Closing date for all entries in this category is on 24 JUNE 2019.

There are three (3) classes into which candidates may enter:


BLACK AND WHITE PRINTS (Candidates can submit 10 prints)

R1.1        Grade 1                                                                   R1.7        Grade 7

R1.2        Grade 2                                                                   R1.8        Grade 8

R1.3        Grade 3                                                                   R1.9        Grade 9

R1.4        Grade 4                                                                   R1.10      Grade 10

R1.5        Grade 5                                                                   R1.11      Grade 11

R1.6        Grade 6                                                                   R1.12      Grade 12

R12.13  Adults


COLOUR PRINTS (Candidates can submit 10 prints)

R2.1        Grade 1                                                                   R2.7        Grade 7

R2.2        Grade 2                                                                   R2.8        Grade 8

R2.3        Grade 3                                                                   R2.9        Grade 9

R2.4        Grade 4                                                                   R2.10      Grade 10

R2.5        Grade 5                                                                   R2.11      Grade 11

R2.6        Grade 6                                                                   R2.12      Grade 12

R2.1        Adults



(Pictures taken with your cell phone, which may either be in colour or in black or white) – Candidates can submit 10 colour and 10 black & white prints in this session.

R3.1        Grade 1                                                                   R3.7        Grade 7

R3.2        Grade 2                                                                   R3.8        Grade 8

R3.3        Grade 3                                                                   R3.9        Grade 9

R3.4        Grade 4                                                                   R3.10      Grade 10

R3.5        Grade 5                                                                   R3.11      Grade 11

R3.6        Grade 6                                                                   R3.12      Grade 12

R3.13      Adults