This competition is designed in three (3) different categories:

  1. Primary Schools
  2. High Schools
  3. Tertiary Students/Adults

The rules for all categories are the same.


Applications must consist of the following:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Photocopy of your birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license.
  • Proof of your entry fee.


  • Contestants should be dressed appropriately.
  • A copy of the sheet music to be submitted to the adjudicator on the day of performance.
  • Memorisation is not required in any of the three (3) categories
  • The competition is open for all members of the violin family:  Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass
  • The competition is only open to SOLOISTS.  No duets or any other combination.
  • Contestants should familiarize themselves with the repertoire of their instrument and especially with the specific category they entered. 
  • Contestants at High School and Tertiary/Adult level are NOT EXPECTED to perform complete Sonatas or Concertos.   Single movements of these advanced works are acceptable.   Where a movement of a concerto is performed, backing tracks are allowed (but MUST be of a very good/high quality) and/or piano arrangements thereof as accompaniment.
  • Winners are allowed to play the same piece of the actual adjudication during the Prestige Concert.
  • No piece must exceed the time limit of 10 minutes.   Special permission must be obtained from the festival office should your piece exceed this limit.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  This is a professional COMPETITION and here we do not follow the liberties as in other instrumental categories as far as beginners (young and/or old) are concerned.  If you enter in Category 2 – High Schools then it will be assumed that you are on that level.  The same for the other two categories.  To make things VERY CLEAR TO EVERYBODY the following example.    If you enter in category 3 – Tertiary Students/Adults then you should know your instrument (including technique) and its repertoire very well.   You will be expected to perform repertoire of advanced level.   You CANNOT enter as a student/adult and expect to play like primary school learners.  YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED!!!!  Entry fees will NOT BE returned!  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND all details here very carefully.  If in doubt, please contact our office at:


Soloists to provide their own accompaniment (a piano is provided by the festival) and accompanist.  If no accompanist is available, candidates are free to contact the festival office via email for assistance in this regard.


This competition will take place within the two weeks of the Arts & Culture Festival.   Depending on the number of entries received, a specific day and time will be communicated to all participants.   The competition will be held during the day.  No evening performances are scheduled for this competition. 


Winners of the three categories will be expected to perform at the Prestige concert of the festival which is held on Saturday 7th September 2019, 10:00 at Kirkwood High School.


  • There is only ONE winner in each category.  There will be no 2nd and/or 3rd place. 
  • All participants will receive a diploma.



A Gold Diploma

Engraved Gold Medal


Cash Prize:  R2 500.00


A Gold Diploma

Engraved Gold Medal


Cash Prize:  R5 000.00


A Gold Diploma

Engraved Gold Medal


Cash Prize:  R10 000.00

A brand-new violin sponsored by:

Winners are expected to attend and perform at the prestige concert/award ceremony. If a winner is unable to attend the concert due to a family emergency, the award and cash money will be mailed to the winner after the concert.  If a winner is unable to attend the concert due to any reason other than a family emergency, the cash award will be deemed relinquished, but the awarded first, second, or third prize title remains. The Prestige Concert and Cheese & Wine function is included as a part of the award conferred by the Sundays River Valley Provincial Arts & Culture Festival.  Relinquishing the right to perform at the concert will not result in a cash refund. If due to unforeseen circumstances a winner is unable to perform at his/her designated concert, the winner’s right to perform will not be extended to future concerts.