Rules Entries



Entry forms are not published separately.  All entry forms appear within this syllabus immediately after each and every session.  Entry forms may be photocopied.  Please visit our website for electronic entry submissions.  FAST AND EASY!


  1. be made on the proper forms
  2. be completed in full. Entries will not be accepted if incomplete.
  3. be completed and signed (where necessary)
  4. ensure that the handwriting is clear and legible
  1. include all the names and surnames of the candidates especially where a group entry is made. In a group entry (except drama groups, speech choir, class singing and choirs) each candidate receives a diploma unless teachers prefer that each candidate receive a diploma. Please see the FEE STRUCTURE for this type of arrangement.  We do not want to decipher the correct spelling of names and surnames.  All diplomas are printed according to the entry forms.  Please ensure correct spelling of names and surnames.  This is very sensitive.  If the Festival Officer is unable to read the writing, he will type the name or surname according to his knowledge if he does not have a contact number of the teacher or candidate.  Contacting teachers during the holiday is a waste of precious time.  PLEASE ADHERE TO THE RULES.
  1. be accompanied with the appropriate fee. Entry forms without the fees will be rendered incomplete and will be disqualified. (see the section of FEES above).
  1. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please check the various opening and closing dates in this syllabus.  It is very important and the organizer has imposed extremely strict behaviour on the part of the Festival committee regarding late entries.  It will not be tolerated as we cannot see any reason why entries should be submitted after the closing date.


  1. A separate entry form must be used for each class and item entered.
  2. Candidates who enter more than one item in a class must complete an entry form for each entry and must accompanied by the appropriate fee.
  1. No changes will be accepted after the entry has been received except when the responsible teacher make direct arrangements with the festival organiser.
  1. It is not necessary for teachers/parents etc. to put the entry forms in a particular order. Please submit them in one big bunch and save yourself some administrative work.  We will do all of the work!   Rest assured!
  1. See the particular entry on the following pages regards special requests and transport.
  2. Entry fees cannot be refunded.
  3. If any performer finds it necessary to withdraw from any class, notification should be given as soon as possible to: Ms.

Dawn Strydom or Ms. Louise Hayter at Sundays River Primary School by no later than Monday 24th July 2017.

  1. “Own choice” selections must be specifically titled on the entry form. Otherwise, the entry will be considered incomplete and will not be included in the schedule.
  1. Entrants who withdraw at any time prior to a scheduled performance in a class will not be allowed to re- enter that class.
  2. See the various categories for minimum and maximum learners that can be entered per session.


Entry forms can be submitted via fax, post, hand delivered, email or electronically via our website: