The intention of this category is to provide an opportunity for children from the same class to sing together, thus enhancing their love of singing and music generally, while learning to co-operate with each other in the presentation.  While all children from the class should be encouraged to participate, those who simply cannot hold a tune or rhythm should not be forced into a situation which they find uncomfortable.

  • Two (2) works of contrasting character must be performed.
  • Not more than two (2) verses per song are to be performed.
  • Songs may be in any language.
  • Schools to provide their own accompanists.
  • Instruments are not limited to the piano.  Any instrument may be used.
  • Limited movement is permitted and will not be penalized.
  • Copies of the work performed must be attached to the entry form.  This is COMPULSORY.
  • A maximum time limit of 10 minutes allowed for both songs.
  • Choice of repertoire:  Own choice
  • The adjudicator will not adjudicate the songs separately.  An overall award will be given upon hearing both songs.
  • Combined classes are not permitted for the Eisteddfod.
  • Please state whether a grade is English or Afrikaans

G1.1  Pre-School                                                                                   G1.8  Grade 7

G1.2  Grade 1                                                                                         G1.9  Grade 8

G1.3  Grade 2                                                                                         G1.10  Grade 9

G1.4  Grade 3                                                                                         G1.11  Grade 10

G1.5  Grade 4                                                                                         G1.12  Grade 11

G1.6  Grade 5                                                                                         G1.13  Grade 12

G1.7  Grade 6

Entry All Singing