Important Notice


THIS festival is presented at PROVINCIAL level.   It is simply IMPOSSIBLE for the committee to honour all requests from schools and individuals.   We would like to make the following very clear:

We cannot accommodate all schools on ONE day.  This is impossible.  It is one of the main reasons that this festival is now extended to two (2) weeks.  It does not imply that you will travel every day.   It simply allows us to accommodate much more schools with heaps of entries and to schedule all the other competitions and functions, which adds to the status of this professional festival, with ease.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  Spelling and incorrect information on the entry forms. We cannot emphasise this enough.   ENSURE that your hand writing is legible.  ENSURE that you spell the names and surnames of participants correctly.   Names and Surnames on Diplomas are checked in a 3-phase procedure.  This system is in place to ensure that it has become almost impossible for the festival to issue diplomas with mistakes on them.   Once these diplomas are dispatched to the printers, the process follow its natural course.   We cannot print individual diplomas on the spot.  IF THERE IS A MISTAKE ON A DIPLOMA, then the responsible teacher will have to take responsibility for this. PLEASE FILL IN ALL THE FIELDS ON THE ENTRY FORMS AS THIS INFORMATION APPEAR ON THE DIPLOMAS.

DIPLOMA LANGUAGE.   It is imperative that teachers and individuals will clearly indicate their choice of language ON the entry form.   If nothing is indicated, the festival will automatically issue a diploma in ENGLISH except for the Afrikaans Speech and Drama category. The festival does not make any mistakes with this.  Incorrect language diploma issues are due to the simple fact that teachers and individual entrants did not indicate the choice of language on the entry forms.

LATE ENTRIES:  As from 2018 we will not, and cannot accept late entries.   We only have the June holidays to finalise all admin for the festival.  This means that whilst everybody is on holiday, we are working and planning day and night.   Remember, we are also teachers, but we prefer to present to you a unique educational festival.  Ensure that your entries reach us on the given date.  Everybody has more than enough time to ensure timeous submission.    

CONTACTS:  The best and easiest method is to carefully scan the documents and then email them to  Ensure that your email does not exceed 10MB in size.   If so, compact it and then send it off.  Please do not email us the same batch of entries twice.  It is very, very confusing and a waste of precious time.  As we receive the entries via email, they are printed immediately and wrapped together with the name of the school clearly marked on it.  As from 2019 you will receive an immediate email with the following message once we have received your entries.  For every e-mail you send, with entries you will receive the following reply message:                                                    

If you do not receive this message, then it simply means that we did not received anything from you.

FINALLY:  There are going to be huge activities during the 2019 Provincial Festival.  Do your planning.  Allow your learners to be part of something unique and educational.   A complete list of shows, activities, workshops, competitions, live performances etc. will be released to all schools as soon as we have finalised everything. This is the kind of exposure that we give to the children.  To perform live on a stage to thousands of festival visitors is something very unique and special.