Child Protection Policy


The Sundays River Valley Provincial Arts and Culture Festival 2019 proudly hosted in 2019 at Kirkwood High Shool aims to provide a safe and caring environment for all its participants, and to conform to current child protection legislation.  The following constitutes the policy -


The purpose of the Art and Culture Festival is to advance the education of children and adults in Arts and Culture, by hosting an annual non-competitive and in certain classes a competitive festival and presenting public performances.


It is our policy to involve parents/guardians/carers and teachers in partnership with us, to ensure a safe environment at the festival, insofar it is reasonably practicable.


The policy relates both to children under the age of 18 and to those vulnerable adults who are identified to the organizers prior to their arrival at the festival.  The festival recognizes the needs of children who are disabled or from ethnic minorities, and will seek to meet any specific needs notified to the festival in advance by parents/guardians/carers or teachers.


The Sundays River Valley Provincial Arts and Culture Festival as hosted by Kirkwood High School is assisted by private and full-time staff and volunteers, all of whom have independent references and are briefed about the terms of this policy.  Should any problem arise regarding the terms of this policy, it should be directed to the Festival Committee, identifiable by badge, who will take appropriate action in a discreet manner.


All participants in this festival will be expected to have seen this policy.  In accordance with this policy, it is essential that parents/guardians/carers not personally attending the festival be satisfied that their children etc. are accompanied and adequately supervised by responsible adults acting on their behalf.  The staff of Kirkwood High School will not undertake this role.  With group entries, the group leader must ensure that all parents/guardians/carers are aware of this policy.  Each person signing the entry form thereby takes full responsibility for those entered by the form.


It is emphasized that the article above applies equally to changing areas, i.e. that responsibility remains with the supervising adult in each case.  Property left unattended is not the responsibility of Kirkwood High School nor the festival committee.


As previously mentioned in this booklet, no photography (including video photography) is permitted at the festival, other than by accredited members of the press or appointed photographer by the Festival Organiser.  Such photography will always take place in a public place.  Any parent/guardian/carer not wishing the individual (s) in their care to be photographed must notify the photographer before the start of the festival or sessions.


Everyone concerned are again reminded of the purpose of this festival. Kirkwood High School and the Festival Committee will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour by any participant.  Participants should always keep in mind that (although such Festivals can be lots of fun) any Festival of this kind is a learning process.  We provide a professional platform for all to showcase their respective talents and it should be respected as such.