The Arts Festival accommodates many adjudicators for the duration of the festival from all over the Eastern Cape.

Candidates should be properly informed that the function of the adjudicator is not to pull him or her apart, but instead, to give valuable criticism based on what they’ve heard during a session.  Some adjudicators have a special way to bring candidates into a relaxed state before actual performance, whether with a smile or a friendly good morning or good afternoon.  Others appear extremely difficult and annoyed, but give candidates equally excellent advice and guidance.  This is normal.  No human is the same.  We all differ.  These adjudicators are all experts and highly skilled in the various fields with years of experience.

  • The identities of the adjudicators are revealed in the time and venue allocation program which is normally sent to all participating schools three weeks before the festival.   Until then their identities remain confidential with the Festival Organizer and the Principal of Sundays River Primary School. Please do not ask us before the time.  We will not reveal their identities.
  • The adjudicator could be Alfred Brendel or Shakespeare– it makes no difference.  If your work is up to standard – there is no concern about WHO the adjudicator is.
  • Some sessions will only have ONE adjudicator, other sessions may have two, three or even a panel of judges, depending on the entries per session received.
  • The accommodation of the various adjudicators remains confidential.
  • The Adjudicators decision is final.
  • Any queries or comments that may arise from participation in the festival should be directed in writing to the Festival Officer.
  • In general, adjudicators (in some categories) will adjudicate certain sessions according to certain general criteria which they (at times) attached to the diploma together with their comments.  Other adjudicators judge without this criterion.  NO ADJUDICATOR WILL EVER ADJUDICATE A LEARNER AGAINST HIGHER CRITERIA THAN THAT OF HIS AGE OR GRADE.  ADJUDICATORS ARE WELL AWARE OF THE AGES OF THE LEARNERS AND THEIR CURRENT GRADES.  THE ADJUDICATION PROCESS IS ALWAYS EXTREMELY FAIR AND OPEN.
  • Most of the adjudicators will give brief comments and suggestions when a session is finished.  Others might even give comments and suggestions immediately after individually.  There is never any certainty about this matter.  This really depends on the adjudicator. This is truly valuable information.  It is requested that all candidates remain in their venues for the duration of their session.  It is by watching others perform and hearing the Adjudicators comments that maximum benefit is derived from the Festival.  This should always be borne in mind!!!
  • Teachers are requested not to interfere with adjudicators.  Please leave them alone.  There are some teachers that are very forward to approach adjudicators thinking that they know better.  Adjudicators are here to render their services to Sundays River Primary School.  It should always be remembered that adjudicators (for the duration of their stay) are employed and paid by the festival and they will act according to the rules of the festival and school as discussed with them during the planning stages. 
  • As far as humanly possible we aim to bring in adjudicators not known by the public and teachers.  However, this is not always possible.  Certain adjudicators are well-known; others are totally unknown to most teachers and participants and others did excellent work during the past five Festivals and are brought back for 2017.   We also aim to bring in new adjudicators every year, but this is not always possible.  You can expect to see some more and new adjudicators in the music category as well in the speech and drama & finally in the arts and crafts categories in 2019.  For 2019 most of the adjudicators will be unfamiliar to all participants.
  • Adjudicators are here for only one core reason.  We should learn from their expertise and advice.