QUE:  Height, Width and Depth

Three dimensional arts include man-made objects such as models, dioramas, games, puzzles, simulations, sculptures and other three-dimensional art works and their reproductions, exhibits, machines, clothing, toys and stitchery.  The category also includes such naturally occurring objects as microscope specimens (or representations of them) and other specimens mounted for viewing.

Candidates are encouraged to use their imagination to produce fine works of art in this session. There are no boundaries to creativity and that is what we would like to see in these sessions.  From sculptures, pottery, glass, stone, wood, clay, Origami, clothing, toys etc. Candidates can produce whatever tickles their fancy.

  • The work may not necessarily be mounted on a firm base.  The artwork itself determines whether or not a base for mounting is required or not.  Please use your own discretion.
  • The name of the candidate, grade, age, school and address must be clearly displayed on the artwork whether it be on the base or any other place on the artwork.
  • A maximum of five (5) works per candidate may be submitted.  A separate entry form accompanied by the appropriate fee must accompany each entry.
  • All works must be the ORIGINAL work of the candidate.
  • Creativity and Originality will be of utmost importance in the higher grades.

Q15.1      Pre-School                                             Q2.7        Grade 7

Q2.1        Grade 1                                                   Q2.8        Grade 8

Q2.2        Grade 2                                                   Q2.9        Grade 9

Q2.3        Grade 3                                                   Q2.10      Grade 10

Q2.4        Grade 4                                                   Q2.11      Grade 11

Q2.5        Grade 5                                                   Q2.12      Grade 12

Q2.6        Grade 6                                                   Q2.13      Adults


Definitions of sketches (sometimes) are very vague.  Wikipedia has a very good description thereof and I quote:

‘A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work.  A sketch may serve a number of purposes:  it might record something that the artist sees, it might record or develop an idea for later use or it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principle.    Sketches can be made in any drawing medium.”  The term is most often applied to graphic work executed in a dry media such as silverpoint, graphite, pencil, charcoal or paste.  But it may also apply to drawing executed in pen and ink, ballpoint pen, water colour and oil paint.  The latter two are generally referred to as “water colour sketches” and “oil sketches”.

Q16.1      Pre-School                                             Q16.8      Grade 7

Q16.2      Grade 1                                                   Q16.9      Grade 8

Q16.3      Grade 2                                                   Q16.10    Grade 9

Q16.4      Grade 3                                                   Q16.11    Grade 10

Q16.5      Grade 4                                                   Q16.12    Grade 11

Q16.6      Grade 5                                                   Q16.13    Grade 12

Q16.7      Grade 6                                                   Q16.15    Adults


This session is very exciting and comprises a whole host, of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one’s hands and skill.  There are such a lot of varieties

IMPORTANT:  Although this session is OPEN, we invite High School learners and Adults to participate in this session.  It is a perfect opportunity to earn extra cash.

  1. Crafts involving textiles, banner-making, canvas work, crocheting, embroidery, knitting, felting, macramé, sewing, shoe-making, tapestry etc.
  2. Crafts involving wood, metal and clay for example; cabinet making, jewelry, carpentry, pottery, sculpture, wood burning, woodworking, fretwork etc.

III. Craft involving paper or canvas for example; bookbinding, collage, decoupage, Origami, paper model, scrapbooking, rubber stamping etc.

  1. Crafts involving plants for example; basking wearing, floral design, Cora Dolly Making, Straw Marquetry etc.

Finally other examples include:  beadwork, doll making, etching, egg making, glassblowing, lapidary, mosaics, toy making etc.

  1. Crafts involving cement: Pots, garden water fountains, ornaments etc.
  • Candidates are allowed to enter a maximum of ten (10) crafts.  A diploma will be given to each work within the confines of the grading system.
  • Candidates are reminded to complete an entry form for each item and must accompany the appropriate fee.
  • Crafts should be clearly marked with the name of the candidate, grade, age, school and address.

Crafts shall be on display in a special venue or marque tent where the public will be able to peruse through all the artwork.  Candidates are also reminded that they are able to make an income from these crafts.  If you are willing to sell your crafts, please indicate it on the entry form.  Decide on a selling price and write it in the appropriate field on the entry form.  Consult with your teacher and parents.  If sold, the money will be given to you immediately in cash.

  • Closing date for all entries in this Category is on Monday 19th June 2017

Q17.1      Pre-School                                             Q17.8      Grade 7

Q17.2      Grade 1                                                   Q17.9      Grade 8

Q17.3      Grade 2                                                   Q17.10    Grade 9

Q17.4      Grade 3                                                   Q17.11    Grade 10

Q17.5      Grade 4                                                   Q17.12    Grade 11

Q17.6      Grade 5                                                   Q17.13    Grade 12

Q17.7      Grade 6                                                   Q17.15    Adults


  • Pre-schools, Primary Schools, High Schools and Adults are encouraged to enter into this category.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST CATEGORY IN THE FESTIVAL FOR 2017.   THE REASON FOR THIS IS THAT WE ATTEMPT TO INVOLVE as many as possible, especially some of the more neglected communities in the Eastern Cape and in particular in the Sundays River Valley, hidden talents in these “pre-identified” areas and to conclude, to aim presenting the public and especially tourists with something which is unique to the area, portraying the craftsmanship of the inhabitants of the area.  By means of this new addition to the festival, it will also help with the main PURPOSE of the Festival which is promotion, sustainability and to assist these inhabitants to earn money for their efforts.

PLEASE NOTE:  By the time this syllabus is published, we are still in negotiations with some of the officials of these areas, and we cannot reveal any information unless we have it on paper.  However, it can be said that THIS ART AND CRAFT session will be ALL OVER the festival premises.

  • All items must be clearly labelled:  Name and Surname of candidate, Contact Number, and Cost of craft/s.
  • Crafts will be exhibited in a special venue for the duration of the Festival as well as the weekend of the Sports Festival.  We will give the public the opportunity to browse through the artwork with the aim to give participants the opportunity to earn extra cash for their Arts and Crafts. Individuals are also welcome to book their own space to exhibit their work.  PLEASE CONTACT THE ORGANISER FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS OPTION.
  • The works of participants sold will receive their money immediately.
  • Security will be on guard especially at night to guard this venue.
  • All Art and Crafts that receive a silver diploma and higher (gold diploma and gold medals) will be exhibited in the venue.  All other Arts and Crafts will be returned to the responsible teacher and/or individual the week after the festival OR MIGHT EVEN BE EXHIBITED IF OTHERWISE DECIDED.
  • Ceramics: R25.00 per entry
  • Digital art: R25.00 per entry
  • Drawing: Pencil or other  R25 00 per entry
  • Fiber: R25.00 per entry.
  • Furniture: R25.00 per entry
  • Glass: R25.00 per entry
  • Jewelry: R25.00 per entry
  • Metal: R25.00 per entry
  • Mixed media: R25.00 per entry
  • Painting: R25.00 per entry
  • Pastels: R25.00 per entry
  • Printmaking: R25.00 per entry
  • Sculpture: R25.00 per entry
  • Two Dimensional Art: R25.00 per entry
  • Three Dimensional Art:  R25.00  per entry
  • Sketches R25.00 per entry
  • Crafts R25.00 per entry

Entry Arts and Craft