• All choirs to perform two (2) songs of contrasting character.
  • All songs to be performed from memory.
  • Songs can be performed in the following languages:  Afrikaans, English, Xhosa, Zulu, German, Italian, French and Latin.
  • Choirs to provide their own accompanists and instrument/s except for a piano which the Festival will provide.
  • The maximum time limit is 10 minutes per choir.
  • Entrants are not required to include a copy of their music with the entry form, but are reminded to submit a copy of their music to the adjudicator secretary on the day of performance. This copy may not be returned.  This is compulsory unless where a choir is trained by a non-specialist musician.  This includes choirs where learners learn the lyrics of songs of a foreign language where no sheet music is available and make use of improvisatorial techniques to harmonize the piece.
  • Choristers to perform in school uniform or in ANY other dress as prescribed by the choir leader/conductor.
  • Teachers/Conductors/Choir Leaders to provide (on the entry form) an approximate total and rows of the choristers and setup in order for the organizer to arrange for enough choir benches, chairs etc. for instrumentalists or accompanists.
  • Schools that have two (2) choirs may enter both, but is reminded that two separate entry forms must be completed and accompanied by the appropriate fee.


H1.1                                        Junior Primary                                                         -               Male Voices

H1.2                                        Junior Primary                                                         -               Female Voices

H1.3                                        Junior Primary                                                         -               Mixed Voices

H1.4                                        Senior Primary                                                        -               Male Voices

H1.5                                        Senior Primary                                                        -               Female Voices

H1.6                                        Senior Primary                                                        -               Mixed Voices

H1.7                        -               High School                                                             -               Female

H1.8                        -               High School                                                             -               Male

H1.9                        -               High School                                                             -               Mixed Voices

H1.10                      -               Pre-School                                                             -               Mixed voices

H1.11                      -               Open session (smaller choir groups, church choirs etc.)

Entry Non-Competitive