FOR TEACHERS AND CANDIDATES:  Candidates that show promising talent in this category will also be invited to perform at the Citrus Sports Day which promises to be a massive event in 2017 immediately after the Arts and Culture Festival on Saturday 19th  of August 2017 AS WE CELEBRATE THE 22nd BIRTHDAY OF THE SPORTS DAY.

  • This session provide candidates the opportunity to perform modern songs which they hear on radio, television, cd, dvd, computer etc.
  • Candidates are left to their own choice of repertoire.
  • Accompaniments are not limited to backing tracks.
  • A copy of the sheet music is not required, but a copy of the lyrics should be handed to the Adjudicator Secretary.
  • Candidates may choose any of their favourite artists or songs to perform.
  • Candidates may choose to perform only ONE or a maximum of TWO songs in the SOLO session. Diplomas will be issued accordingly but not more than two per candidate.  A separate entry form for two songs is not necessary.
  • Candidates to provide the sound engineer with the CD/DVD/MEMORY STICK before performance commence.



F1.1  Grade 1                                                         F1.7  Grade 7

F1.2  Grade 2                                                          F1.8  Grade 8

F1.3  Grade 3                                                          F1.9  Grade 9

F1.4  Grade 4                                                          F1.10  Grade 10

F1.5  Grade 5                                                          F1.11  Grade 11

F1.6  Grade 6                                                          F1.12  Grade 12

F1.13  Adults



  • A maximum of ONE song per duo
  • Candidates may choose their own partner.  This second person may be of a higher or lower grade and age.
  • Two cordless microphones will be available for the duo.



  • A maximum of ONE song per trio.
  • Any combined group from the different grades may be combined of any age and any grade.
  • Three microphones will be available.
  • Open



  • A maximum of ONE song per quartet.
  • Any combined group from the different grades may be combined of any age and any grade.
  • Four microphones will be available.
  • Open

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