The Festival Organizer has seen fit to enlarge this category tremendously and due to the simple fact that we also have to cater for our High School candidates according to Grades.  Thus, you will find TWO (2) distinct divisions in this session; one for Primary Schools and the other for High Schools.




GUIDE:  It is basically written words structured the same as spoken words.  Novels, essays, short stories, and works of criticism are examples of prose.  Other examples include:  comedy, drama, fable, fiction, hagiography, legend, myth, science fiction, story, essay, newspaper article.  Prose lacks the more formal structure of VERSE that is almost always found in traditional poetry.

Type of Prose, length and subject is entirely the candidates own choice.

  • Work can be either neatly written or typed.
  • A maximum of 300 words for this session
  • Works can be either in English or Afrikaans.
  • Candidates are free to write two (2) pieces in either language, but are reminded that two entry forms must be submitted.  One for each language as well as the appropriated fee attached.
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  Teachers and Parents are NOT allowed to assist candidates in their writing works.  This is of paramount importance.  Teachers are not at liberty to rectify any spelling or grammatical mistakes for candidates.  Teachers are requested to sign the declaration of oath ON THE ENTRY FORM, stating that it is indeed the ORIGINAL work of the candidate without interference of the teacher or parent. The best way for teachers to control and oversee this matter is to allow candidates to write their original work IN CLASS under supervision and to assemble all work at the end of the period.  NO OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR EXAMPLE, dictionaries or internet may be used.   Should the adjudicator suspect any interference of the teacher or parent, the entry will be considered invalid and will be penalised.  Such a candidate will forfeit the entry fee.  This equally apply to High School candidates as well. 
  • This session is NOT OPEN FOR GRADES 1 AND 2
  • Closing date for all entries in this Category is on Monday 9th June 2017

Entry Prose and Poetry