SESSION: M SPEAKING CHOIR (also known as Choral Verse, Speech Choir)



  • This type does not require the use of props, costumes, nor choreography.
  • Do not edit the piece or add additional words.
  • The size of the choir can be determined by the teacher/conductor but may not be less than 10 pupils and NOT more than 40 pupils.
  • Poems etc. must be memorized.
  • Maximum time for ALL grades:  10 minutes
  • A conductor is not necessary if you are sure that your choir members really know their parts well, but most often those who win speech choir contests has a conductor.  A conductor helps the focus of your pupils.
  • The conductor may stand at the back of the judges.  He/She may conduct in any manner he/she wants as long as he/she guides the participants for an effective speech choir presentation.
  • The choir may be divided into light, medium and dark voices.
  • Solo voices for effect, contrast, etc. are allowed.
  • Languages:  English or Afrikaans.
  • A speech choir may present a work in English and another in Afrikaans.  This must be clearly stipulated on the entry form and accompanied by the appropriated fee.
  • No prescribed works.  Own choice

M1.1        Grade 1                                                                   M1.7        Grade 7

M1.2        Grade 2                                                                   M1.8        Grade 8

M1.3        Grade 3                                                                   M1.9        Grade 9

M1.4        Grade 4                                                                   M1.10      Grade 10

M1.5        Grade 5                                                                   M1.11      Grade 11

M1.6        Grade 6                                                                   M1.12      Grade 12

M1.12      Grade R



This type of speech choir makes use of costumes and choreography to help bring the speech to life.

  • Music may be used, however, we advise limited use.
  • Should music be used it has to be given to the sound engineer on CD in a recognizable reading format such as mp3 etc.
  • Candidates are allowed to perform one item in English and another in Afrikaans.  It is important to complete the appropriate entry forms as such.  A separated entry form must be used in each case and accompanied by the appropriated fee.
  • Candidates will perform ON STAGE for this session.
  • To enhance their experience, the sound engineer will activate the spotlights towards the stage as well as other colourful lights on the stage to enhance their experience.
  • A minimum of 10 candidates and a maximum of 20 candidates are allowed for this session.
  • Only ONE Diploma will be issued in this session and the Diploma will be issued to the GROUP.

M2.1        Grade 1                                                                   M2.7        Grade 7

M2.2        Grade 2                                                                   M2.8        Grade 8

M2.3        Grade 3                                                                   M2.9        Grade 9

M2.4        Grade 4                                                                   M2.10      Grade 10

M2.5        Grade 5                                                                   M2.11      Grade 11

M2.6        Grade 6                                                                   M2.12      Grade 12



N1.1  Grade 1                                                         N1.7        Grade 7

N1.2  Grade 2                                                         N1.8        Grade 8

N1.3  Grade 3                                                         N1.9        Grade 9

N1.4  Grade 4                                                         N1.10      Grade 10

N1.5  Grade 5                                                         N1.11      Grade 11

N1.6  Grade 6                                                         N1.12      Grade 12



This is a play that has only ONE act, but may consist of several scenes.    Included in this is also the well-known “10-minute” play known as the “flash drama”.  In this session the festival will also allow the so called MONODRAMA.  With monodrama candidates are also free to perform only ONE SCENE from any act.

Candidates are free to use published works but are encouraged to use their own imagination and to create their own plays.

Plays may be serious, funny, heroic etc.  It may take ANY FORM and may be about any topic within the rules and regulations of the festival especially the section of child protection policy.

  • Candidates will perform on stage
  • Lighting may be used accordingly
  • Sound may be used at candidate’s discretion
  • A copy of the script of the play must be handed to the Adjudicator Secretary which may not be returned.
  • Candidates are limited to a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Candidates to design their own props and to take responsibility for the setup thereof.  Candidates are reminded of limited space on stage, so they are encouraged to stay clear of extravagant props and décor.  Rather spent time on your script, acting and other important factors.
  • Costumes may be used.
  • A minimum of 4 characters will be allowed on stage and a maximum of 8.
  • The Festival will allow for short breaks of 10 minutes between acts (if chosen) in order for candidates to prepare the stage and to ready themselves.
  • Plays may either be in English or Afrikaans OR a mixture of both languages depending on the topic and mood of the play.
  • There are NO limits as to age or grades of participants for obvious reasons.
  • A diploma will be awarded to each candidate involved in the play according to their involvement and participation.
  • HINT:  Ensure that all candidates get the opportunity to speak and act enough during the play in order for the adjudicators to form an opinion of each in order to award a diploma.

Entry Speech And Drama