• This session is open for any two (2) instrumentalists.
  • Candidates may perform on any instrument of their choice (except organ) and must provide their own instruments if the instrument is not a piano.
  • Candidates will be assessed as an ensemble and not as individuals.
  • Piano candidates can perform on ONE piano or they may choose to perform on TWO pianos.
  • A diploma will be issued to both candidates.
  • This session is intended for two (2) candidates and not for a candidate together with his or her teacher.
  • Copies of all performance works must be submitted to the adjudicator secretary and may not be returned.
  • Candidates must note that the Copyright Act 98 of 1978, as amended, strictly prohibits the photocopying of sheet music without written permission form the publisher.
  • Candidates may use any addition of works.
  • Candidates are free to perform from any period: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern.
  • Page turners are allowed, but must not be the teacher of candidates.
  • Choice of work: Own choice.
  • Only ONE item per candidate is permitted, BUT where a candidate performed as a duet, or accompanist to another candidate, such a candidate may enter twice.
  • Maximum time limit: 10 minutes


C1.1  Beginners                                                                      C1.6  Grade 5

C1.2  Grade 1                                                                         C1.8  Grade 6

C1.3  Grade 2                                                                         C1.9  Grade 7

C1.4  Grade 3                                                                         C1.10  Grade 8

C1.5  Grade 4                                                                  C1.11 OPEN SESSION

Entry Form