1. Teachers should pay careful attention to fees.  Study the fee structure.  The structure is simple and clear enough.  Ensure that you transfer the correct amount.
  2. Electronic Transfers are the preferred method.  The handling and control of cash becomes cumbersome when the time comes to work through the finances.  We all know how this process works in schools.  It is a tiresome business.



  • Individual Entries -               00 per entry
  • Duets and Trios -               00 per candidate
  • Quartets -               00 per candidate
  • Quintets -               00 per candidate
  • Competitive instrumental graded session -               00 per sitting

Group entries:

  • Group dancing                 -               00 per group (ONE DIPLOMA will be issued

for the group)

NOTE:  Should a candidate wish to receive his/her own individual diploma then such a candidate should pay R20.00 per diploma. The names of all group participants will appear on such a diploma.  

  • Class singing                 -               00 per class
  • Choirs (non-competitive)                                 -               00 per choir
  • Choir competition                 -               00 per choir
  • Marimba Bands                 -               00 per candidate
  • Percussions Bands                                 -               00 per candidate

NOTE:  A diploma will be issued to each participant in the group

GENERAL:  Should teachers would like each candidate to have his/her own diploma for a group performance then each member of the group must pay in addition to the entry fee, an additional R20.00 per person. Please ensure that you indicate it as such on the entry form and that you write the name and surname of each candidate on the entry form OR additional piece of paper stapled to the entry form.